Butter London Come To Bed Red with Lovely Jubbly

At least once I month I end up putting together a very questionable pairing of colors that have no business being worn together. I don't know where these things come from... they just happen. This time it started out innocently enough. I wanted to do red nails. I NEVER do red nails. So I whipped out my bottle of Butter London Come To Bed Red. And then I remembered why.  

Come to Bed Red is a gorgeous super-glossy candy-apple red with a slight jelly quality to it. Two coats to perfectly opaque but a third gives it a little more depth and intensity. Love love love. But not on me.

BL Come To Bed Red with Lovely Jubbly Glitter Gradient

Nope. What is it about red nails that makes me so incredibly self-conscious and uncomfortable? Kind of exactly how I feel when I try to wear red lipstick. I'm not afraid of color, or brights, or nails that attract attention, and I think this blog proves that- but I guess I'm not a red-nail person.

So I thought: let me salvage this somehow... perhaps a glitter to distract from all the RED RED RED LOOK AT ME I'M WEARING RED? And why not a gradient, since my last two posts were gradients and I might as well polish off the week with another.

Butter London Lovely Jubbly & Come To Bed Red

Glitter Gradient Nail Art

Because nothing goes with screaming bright red like pink, blue and gold glitter. With extra copper glitter on top.

Yup. This blog is living up to it's name today.

BL Lovely Jubbly over BL Come To Bed Red

Butter London Come To Bed Red, Butter London Lovely Jubbly, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Copperhead


  1. I get what you mean about wearing red. I used to avoid at all costs. I didn't want to be 'that girl who is trying to do the classic look and who is getting it soooo wrong'! But last year I went for it... the whole hog, nails AND lipstick!! I love my red nails now (not so much the red lips though, still funny about those lol). I would wear red glitter with mine. There is something about this look that I love... I think it's because it looks like frosting on a cupcake. A CHRISTMAS CUPCAKE!! I love the super close up, seeing all those colours together. If you are still put off red, try putting glitter UNDER the red, but only if its a jelly. I love this look.

    1. Ooh, I will definitely try that next time I get the urge to play with red. This one isn't jelly-ish enough to do glitter under but I think I have an Essie that will work.

  2. wow I really like this mani!! The glitter makes it sweet and almost sugary :)