American Apparel Hassid & Butter London Knackered

...and it is American Apparel "Hassid."

I officially have a love-hate thing with American Apparel now. Their glitter polishes suck hard and their customer service is abysmal.

But oh! Hassid! Where have you been all my life? It's amazingly pigmented- if you do thick coats this is a one-coater (I don't, so this is two.) It's incredibly shiny (I did a coat of Seche Vite as always, but just to get it to dry faster- it was crazy glossy on it's own.) And it's so intensely, deeply black my camera freaked out and couldn't focus on it until I added an accent nail w/ BL Knackered.

American Apparel Hassid Swatch - Butter London Knackered

American Apparel Hassid Swatch - Butter London Knackered

It's like liquid patent leather. But more so. I wore black patent leather shoes with this the other night and my nails were actually blacker AND shinier.

Butter London Knackered Macro

And speaking of Knackered... don't you just want to go swimming in this? It's a silvery green-teal-purple multi-chrome with holographic microglitter. Sheer, but really pops over a black base- or you can play up particular colors in it by wearing it over a purple, aqua, or green base. Over black it's mostly purple in direct light and green in indirect light.

Butter London Knackered Swatch

These colors were seriously made for each other.

American Apparel Hassid, Butter London Knackered