Cloud Nails - Nail Art

I didn't plan to do cloud nails today. I actually started with these:

Butter London Lady Muck with OCC Spanglemaker

I was going for a subtle cool toned metallic stripe thing but the blue-gray I used (BL Lady Muck) turned out way bluer and darker than I expected and I didn't like the contrast. I was trying to decide how to fix them when I remember the cloud tutorial I'd seen on Nailside. The color scheme was perfect for clouds, so I decided to give it a try.

Cloud Nail Art

Cloud Nails - Nail Art

It was actually really easy, despite being my first attempt at any kind of freehand design. In retrospect, I think I prefer the bright colors Jane @ Nailside used- it's more abstract that way and has kind of a psychedelic vibe, which is just cooler. Also- next time I will not try to do a freehand design immediately after consuming my second double espresso of the day. Shaky hands and nail art are not friends.

Butter London Lady Muck, OCC Spanglemaker, Essie Blanc


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