Nude & Neon Nail Polish - OCC Beta - OCC Anime

Neons are pretty hot right now, but being a child of the 80s I'm a little wary of them. I thought pairing some neon stripes with a sheer nude would be a less obnoxious way to play with the trend.

Nude & Neon Nail Art - OCC Anime - OCC Beta

Neon & Nude Nails - OCC Beta - OCC Anime

I've played with using an opaque beige type nude (here) and doing actual no-polish nude (here) but this is actually my favorite "nude" so far. It's Butter London's Nail Foundation- a ridge-filling basecoat that's tinted a sheer beige color. Two coats smooths out my nails, covers stains and imperfections and evens out the color. I am LOVING this stuff. It was quite pricy for a basecoat ($18) but I'd heard good things and wasn't disappointed. I've even worn it on it's own- it really makes your nails look flawless. I'll do a before and after swatch post at some point so you guys can fully appreciate it's awesomeness.

Neon & Nude Nail Art - OCC Beta - OCC Anime

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Beta, Anime; Butter London Nail Foundation


  1. Lovely! I am going to try this tonight! :)

  2. love these neon colours and they stand out so well with the nude back colour! love all of your posts :)