Butter London Fash Pack Swatch and Review
As much as I love bright colors, my heart will always belong to muddy, murky, muted shades like taupe and olive and khaki and mustard and grey. There is something so stylish and effortlessly chic about them. While red screams "sexy," bright colors shout "fun," pastels whisper "sweet," black growls "edgy"... a greyed-out muted color doesn't vie for attention or put it's wearer in a box. They are neutral and can adapt to many looks, while remaining undeniably more sophisticated, edgy, and interesting than a pale pink or a nude.

I picked up Butter London's Fash Pack a little while ago and it's fast becoming one of my favorites in this genre of polishes. I have a number of grey taupes (Essie Chinchilly and the like), but this was my first brown one. BL describes it as "putty meets mushroom" which is one of those phrases that is both perfectly accurate and puzzlingly abstract.

I had to see this one in person before I appreciated its magic. It's a muted and grey-soaked cocoa brown- cool-toned, but lacking the purple undertone that so many of the greyer taupes have. It reminds me a lot of RBL Decorous, which I coveted for a while but never got around to purchasing. Like Decorous, it has an extremely subtle "hidden" shimmer- visible in the bottle, but virtually invisible on the nail. Fash Pack's is gold instead of silver but it's irrelevant since you can't see it anyway. I believe Fash Pack is cooler toned, with a little more grey in it than Decorous- which makes it a better choice for my skintone. This polish isn't new and I know there are other similar colors out there (Chanel Particuliere, for one) but I didn't have anything quite like it in my collection so I'm excited to add it to my fall polish rotation.

Like all Butter London polishes, this applied like a dream- smooth and pigmented. This is three coats, but only because I prefer thin ones- it would easily be opaque with two slightly thicker coats.

Butter London Fash Pack


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