Chevron Nail Art - Chevron Nails

Modern Chevron Nail Art - Chevron Nails

Modern Chevron Nails - Modern Geometric Nail Art

Modern, geometric, bold AND nude- what's not to love?  These took forever. The irony: I’m going camping tomorrow. These nails are not going to last 5 minutes in the woods.

Colors used: Essie Sand Tropez, Really Red, Bachelorette Bash, Mezmerized; Butter London Slapper


  1. These are gorgeous! Do you use tape for your mani's? Do you wait for it to dry or use a fast drying top coat? I'm way too impatient to wait for things to dry and don't want to use multiple coats of fast dry top coats so haven't tried anything this elaborate.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I use tape for most of them.

      I have ZERO patience so I always use Seche Vite. If you plan it right you can usually avoid a lot of layers of top coat- though I didn't do that here. For these I basically did three layers- nude base, colored triangle, smaller nude triangle- with SV after each. But I could have gotten it down to only two coats of SV (and less polish too) if I'd masked off a chevron shape to begin with, instead of the triangles. I don't like a lot of layers of top coat because it starts to get really thick, but two don't bother me and that's usually how I try to do it.

  2. So instead of doing the nail all one color after your base, you'd put the tape down first, paint your first color and repeat for your second and third? Hmmmmm, that makes total sense! I never even thought to do that!! This might be on my hands by tomorrow!!! Thanks for the tips - I LOVE your blog, you're colors and lines are amazaballs!

  3. Okay, so after going home and thinking I had everything all sorted out on how I was going to do this, I realized my interpretation was totally off. So it took me a while to figure out and amazingly enough my right hand is better than my left, because of it, but I did it!!! WOOT WOOT!!!