Rainbow Triangle Nails - Rainbow Nails - Nail Art

After yesterday's muted blues and grays I was in the mood for some color! I'd initially planned to do an assortment of colors with nude/beige, but I already did something like that, so I decided to try it with actual naked nails instead. I am loving how they turned out. It's super colorful and fun but the nail showing through keeps it from being obnoxious or looking overdone. I think they have kind of an 80s vibe, so they remind me of my childhood. Yay, nostalgia!

Rainbow Nail Art - Rainbow Triangles - Triangle Nail Art

Rainbow Triangle Nail Art - modern - cool nail art - rainbow nails

Unfortunately the lack of a basecoat means every ridge and flaw is pretty visible, and I feel like these could have used another coat of SV to smooth things out a little more. I'm definitely going to be incorporating naked nails into some designs in the future, but I think it's best reserved for when your nails are in perfect shape (which mine, right now, are definitely not!)

American Apparel Mac Arthur Park, Orly Frisky, Butter London Slapper, and Essie Really Red, Bachelorette Bash, & Mezmerized


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