Cough Syrup Manicure - Zoya Frida

A "syrup manicure" is basically a variation on a gradient manicure using a single color of jelly polish. The result is a fade from light to dark and the jelly effect makes it look like kind of like you dipped your nails in syrup. Weird, I know (apparently it's big in Korea)... but kind of neat looking and something I've been wanting to try out. When I first laid eyes on Zoya Frida I was struck by the polish's resemblance to a certain vile tasting but singularly effective nighttime cold remedy (you know... the "coughing sniffling sneezing..." one)... so I present to you: cough syrup nails!

Zoya Frida - Syrup Manicure - Teal Jelly Polish

Zoya Frida- Cough Syrup Nails

This was my first attempt at a gradient of any kind, so it didn't turn out perfectly. But it was pretty easy to do and I think I'll get better with practice. Mmm... look at that teal jelly goodness.

Cough Syrup Nails - Zoya Frida

Zoya Frida


  1. Wicked! I wish I could do this!! lol

    1. You totally can, I promise! It's super easy. You just start at the tip of the nail and do thin layers, each one going over the previous layer and a little bit above (so the tip ends up with like 5 or 6 layers and up by the nail bed it's only 1.) The key is thin thin layers and using a jelly polish (you need that translucency.)

  2. These are amazing! Love the colour you chose to do it with too.

  3. Very interesting idea! I might try this later.

  4. This is beautiful! I love this look!! <3 I want to be able to do this! :)

  5. I love this look I totally wanna try this on my blog I wonder if this could be done with androgynie :) maybe ill try this !