Butter London The Black Knight Review

Dear 15-year-old me:

You look a little pale, are you okay? Oh, right- that's on purpose. Sorry, I forgot. Hey, take off the headphones- I'm talking to you! Look: I brought you something.

Butter London Black Knight Review

I think it will look super awesome with your Siouxsie & the Banshees t-shirt and those ripped fishnets you love so much. Yeah, I know you're already rocking the Wet-N-Wild black polish with glitter on top, but this stuff is way better, trust me.

Butter London Black Knight Swatch

You don't have to suffer through applying 50 watery coats to get the color you want- it's as black as your little heart and as glossy as your new combat boots in just two.

It's called "The Black Knight" (yup, that's a Monty Python reference!) It's made by a brand called Butter London, which future-you is kind of obsessed with. They make all kinds of awesome colors, but when I saw this one I immediately thought of you. It's perfect, isn't it?

BL Black Knight Swatch

Butter Black Knight Swatch

Oh, and get this- in the future, the fashion world is going to co-opt black nail polish and everyone will be wearing it. Brands like Chanel will put out black polishes and you'll be able to buy them at all the fancy department stores. I know, right? Why do they always steal all our shit? Don't worry, when you're older you don't care about stuff like that.

Also- the jock who slammed you into the lockers that time and barks at you in the hallway whenever you wear your dog collar? He's going to get really really fat and start losing his hair in his early 20s.

You're welcome.

Love, 30-year-old you