Fall Nails with BB Couture Nail Polish

I haven't been feeling most of the fall collections that have been coming out this year. I'm not a fan of metallics or duochromes and I don't usually like super dark colors. But I love fall and fall colors like rust and mustard and charcoal. So I put together a little collection of my own with colors from a brand that's new to me: BB Couture.

Autumn Nail Polish Colors
BB Couture - Briquette, Starry Starry Taupe, Smoke, Lust, Uranus, Hangover Blues

It's fun to discover a new brand and have their whole catalog of colors to explore. I chose three from BB Couture's recent "6 Shades of Grey" collection: Briquette- a teal-inflected charcoal grey with bits of silver shimmer, Smoke- a pale grey with a fine dark shimmer in it, and Starry Starry Taupe- a midtone brownish grey with silver glitter that flashes green; and three others: Lust- a rusty orange red creme, Uranus- a muted yellowy brown butterscotch/mustard type shade (love!), and Hangover Blues- a cheery robin's egg blue. That last one seems like the odd one out, I know- but think of it as that clean bright perfect sky you see on a crisp fall day.

So we've got edgy neutrals, muted autumn color, a pop of bright blue, and lots of texture from the different glitters. Pretty much the perfect fall collection if you ask me!

BB Couture Briquette, Smoke, Starry Starry Taupe, Lust, Uranus, Hangover Blues