Neon Stripe Nail Art - Tape Manicure

These kind of remind me of those rainbow colored candy canes that come in different flavors like cotton candy and kiwi strawberry and blue raspberry. So fun! The colors are a little more punchy in person- just a half step away from neon.

Candy Stripe Nails

Rainbow Candy Cane Nail Art

Candy Stripe Nails

It's been one of those "stare at my fingers all day" days.

Diagonal Stripe Tape Mani - Nail Art

Colors used: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Wasabi, Anime, and Rx; Orly Frisky, Essie Pretty Edgy and Bachelorette Bash.


  1. this reminds me of those candy canes too! or gift wrap :D

  2. They totally do look like those candies! NOM NOM NOM

  3. this is the best nail art i`ve ever seen!!!! <3 how did you do the stripes? :3 wanna date your nails xD!

    1. Thank you so much- and they were so easy to do! I just painted my nails with the base color, let it dry, top coat and all that jazz. Then I cut masking tape into thin little strips and arranged them on the nail diagonally. I painted the second color over those, let it dry for a minute or so, and then peeled them off!