This started out as a sort of a Ruffian mani (if you don't know what that is, it's basically an arc of a different color at the base of the nail... hard to describe; google it!) but I couldn't stop at just two colors. The result sort of reminds me of the look you might get if you were really good at water-marbling, so I'm calling these "faux marble" nails.

They were surprisingly easy to do- and I'm no expert at freehand designs. Yeah, the lines are a little wonky when you are looking at them blown up all huge on the screen, but they look perfectly neat in person. I clearly need to replace my dried out and gloppy bottle of Seche Vite, though- holy shrinkage, batman! Blah.

Since you'll end up with five coats of polish, minimum, this type of design requires polishes that are opaque (or nearly so) in one coat. I used:

OCC Rx & Pansy and Butter London Slapper, Queen Vic, Muggins, Sprog